About The YESS© Program(Youth Equipment for Sports Safety)

Most middle school and high school students and parents simply do not know the quality of equipment available to Collegiate and Professional athletes today. This, high-end equipment, is cutting edge. It can better protect athletes from injuries, and yes, it tends to be more expensive than traditional protective gear.

The vision of the YESS© Program is to raise awareness and educate about this next generation of Abdominal Injury Protection equipment, how it is made available for their team, and to facilitate access to this cutting edge equipment.

Youth Equipment for Sports Safety (YESS) Program

The mission of the Youth Equipment for Sports Safety Program (YESS) is to reduce the number of sports-related abdominal injuries in middle and high school athletes. The YESS© Program provides awareness of and equips youth contact sports teams with the same technologically advanced abdominal protective gear worn by professional and collegiate athletes. Working directly with school administrators, the THF Board of Directors actively participates in a variety of meetings and activities to present the benefits of wearing sports safety equipment. Through collaboration with vendors, the YESS program provides interested middle and high school athletic teams with grants to purchase “state of the art” abdominal safety equipment.

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In association with The Taylor Haugen Foundation

The Taylor Haugen Foundation was created to honor the memory of the 15-year-old Niceville High School student, Taylor Haugen, who passed away after a traumatic liver injury sustained during a football game on August 30, 2008.

On August 30, 2008, a fifteen-year-old football player from Niceville High School sustained what proved to be a fatal injury during the ‘kick-off classic’ game. His death was caused by massive internal bleeding from a torn liver caused from impact injuries. To honor his memory and his unique character, Taylor’s close friends and community leaders created the Taylor Haugen Foundation. Over the last 7+ years, The Foundation has continued to recognize exceptional student athletes; leaders who emulate T’s very best qualities and his personal motto of Don’t Quit-Never Give Up.
In 2011, upon hearing of another young football player who suffered similar injuries, the Haugen’s felt compelled to expand the Foundation’s reach by delving into the area of youth sports safety. This led to the development of the YESS Program. The primary mission of the Youth Equipment for Sports Safety Program (YESS©) is to reduce the number of sports-related injuries in middle and high school athletes within our area and nationally.

The Foundation plans to achieve this vision by pursuing the following objectives:

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