FAQ Page

Can I film the event?

Events may be videoed or photographed for use in Taylor Haugen Foundation and /or YESS program promotional, educational, or other use.

What should I wear during the fitting?

At the distribution event, Athletes should wear their practice shorts and T-shirts. Athletes will remove their shirts during the actual fitting and put on the EvoShield Shirt. Nothing goes on under the shirt.

Is the equipment washer/dryer safe?

Hand washing and drying of the pads is recommended. Watch the Care and Maintenance Video below for further details

How will I make sure I don’t damage the equipment during cleaning?

Athletes, coaches, and athletic training staff will be briefed on the correct wear and care of the shirts. While the shirts can be washed, the pads must be removed before washing. Washing and drying will warp the equipment, and they will no longer offer the same level of protection.

Are Parents needed for the event?

Parents are welcome to attend, but their presence is not required.

What needs to be done prior to your Fitting Event?

Please preview the ESPN and Taylor Haugen videos before the event. It can be seen here.

What sizes are being worn in most high schools?

Almost 70% of the high school teams wear a small, medium, or youth large. As a point of reference, Robert Griffin III, who is 6’2 and 218 lbs, wears an adult Medium

Still Unsure of Your Size?

Please use the following guidelines when sizing and ordering:

o Size: YS CHEST(in) 24-28 WEIGHT(lbs) 48-74
o Size: YM CHEST(in) 28-30 WEIGHT(lbs) 74-92
o Size: YL CHEST(in) 30-32 WEIGHT(lbs) 92-110
o Size: AS CHEST(in) 32-36 WEIGHT(lbs) 128-153
o Size: AM CHEST(in) 36-40 WEIGHT(lbs) 153-195
o Size: AL CHEST(in) 40-44 WEIGHT(lbs) 195-220
o Size: XL CHEST(in) 44-48 WEIGHT(lbs) 230-260

What is the Best Method for Accurate Measurements?

Truest size will be found by measuring the athlete’s chest, with arms lowered.

How should the Rib Shirt Fit?

Rib shirts should fit snugly, not like a jersey. Please use the attached sizing chart for correct measurements and sizes.