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The mission of the YESS program is to “Educate and equip middle and high school athletes with new generation, high tech equipment commonly worn by college and professional athletes, but often unknown to our youth athletes and their parents”.
While readily available for elite athletes, this disbursement technology is not well known among youth athletes, coaches, and parents. The YESS program is committed to outfitting every member of a school’s varsity, junior varsity, and freshman teams with EvoShield RibShirts. Statistics indicate that most youth athletic injuries occur during practice, so it’s critical that all players, regardless of depth chart position, are outfitted.

EvoShield Ribshirts are compression shirts, and in order to work correctly they must fit closely to the player’s body. The EvoShield shirts often run one or two sizes smaller than jerseys and traditional shirts. Please use the measurement and weight guidelines outlined in the application.

The national YESS program is based on securing a 50% matching commitment for your order. The YESS program will contribute the additional funds. We will only consider applications which include players from all school funded teams. Once we accept your application, we will match these funds. The YESS program director will confirm final pricing, based on the equipment’s retail value.

If would like to pursue this matching, team level grant, or get more information on the YESS Program, please refer to for the application, sizing sheet, and how and where to submit your check and application.

The Foundation works at the team, but not the individual level. Individuals looking to secure a ribshirt, should visit the EvoShield website, at and use the code “YESS” to receive a discount.

Thank you again for your commitment to protecting our youth athletes!

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