YESS PROGRAM Testimonials

  • “Since 2012, The St. Joe Community Foundation has proudly partnered with the Taylor Haugen Foundation in providing protective sports equipment to area youths. Through the use of their Youth Equipment for Sports Safety (YESS) program, the Taylor Haugen Foundation has increased the safety of the youth who play sports for the Bay and Walton County Middle and High School teams” Board Members, St. Joe Community Foundation
  • “Before I began wearing an Evoshield, I was sometimes timid and afraid about running routes across the middle of the field. As a 6 foot 3 and 170 pound wide receiver, I always had someone hitting me in the back of my mind when going across the middle. But once I started wearing an Evoshield, I immediately felt safe and comfortable when it came to getting hit. Many of my catches in my high school career involved me exposing my body to the defense in order to catch the football. Thanks to Evoshield, I was able to do this fearlessly. Evoshield benefitted me both mentally and physically.”Trace Ryan, Fort Walton Beach High

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